Team Building Activities for KidsSci Classes

Team Building Activities

KidsSci Team Building Activities

KidsSci Team Building Activities

Team building activities are built in to most KidsSci classes.

Every class is broke up into teams of four.  We have them line up and count off by a number that divides into the class size four times.  So if the class size is 24 we count off by 6’s.

Then everyone who counted off with “1” will be in the first team we call the Alphas.  

The 2’s are in a team called the Betas.

3’s are the Gammas.

4’s are the Deltas.

5’s are the Epsilons.

6’s are the Zetas.

We work our way through all the Greek letters used in mathematics and science depending on the class size.

The four team members have different team roles which may change from class to class. Each team has a Captain, a Science Officer, a Communications Officer, and a Logistics Officer.

Team Captain

The Team Captain is the team’s leader.  He or she keeps the team on track, makes sure they treat each other fairly and with respect, and ensures the team members perform their roles correctly.

Science Officer

The Science Officer is in charge of all team science activities.  He or she makes sure the team stays on task and follows all the rules of the activity.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer records all the results and communicates those results with the other teams.  Depending on the class and the age group this could be filling out a chart or form on paper, or it could be a spreadsheet on a computer.

Logistics Officer

The Logistics Officer gathers all materials required for the activities and makes sure they get put away in as good condition as they were originally. The Logistics Officer also leads the Math Activities.

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