Math Activities

KidsSci Math Activities

Math Tricks

  • Guess how many – Students learn basic statistics by guessing how many items are in a jar.
  • Fibonacci Numbers – Students learn about Fibonacci numbers and a fibonacci math trick.
  • Blaise Pascal’s Triangle
  • The Game of Sprouts
  • Connect 9 Dots with 4 Lines – This brain puzzler will help students think outside the box.
  • Magic Squares
  • Pythagorean Pleasantry

Multiplication Tricks

  • Magic Multiplication
  • Crazy Multiplication
  • The Magic Number – This is another number trick that will also trick students into learning basic algebra.
  • Lightning Addition
  • Squaring 2 Digit Numbers Ending in 5
  • 34 Square
  • The Number & The Age
  • Multiplication by 11 – Students learn how to multiply by 11 in their heads.
  • 4 Equilateral Triangles with 6 Sticks – This is another brain puzzler to get kids thinking outside the box.
  • Think of a Number Less Than 10…
  • How to Tell a Person’s Age
  • Numbers – Sum of Digits = Divisible by 9
  • Predict the Throw of 3 Dice
  • How to Find What Day Something Happened
  • The Card Game of 50 – This is a KidsSci card game similar to War that uses math.
  • Multiplying by 9’s
  • Multiplying Alternating Numbers
  • Multiplying Numbers Ending in 1
  • Multiplying by 15, 150, 1500 & beyond
  • Muliplication by Excesses
  • Quick Division Rules
  • Tower of Hanoi puzzle – Kids learn the solution to solving the Tower of Hanoi puzzle and learn some math.
  • Of Numbers Thought Upon
  • How to Measure Height or Distance
  • Pick a Card / The Three Pile Problem
    How to sum numbers to 1,000
    How to make a square out of a 15″x3″ board
    Two Jars Riddle
    Diophantus Age Riddle
    Basic Trigonometry
    Geometric Puzzles
    Make a Homemade Theodolite
    Multiplication on One Line
    Square Any Number of Nines
    Adding Large Columns of Numbers
    Multiplying Numbers with Fractions
    Multiplying by 25 or 12-1/2 or 125
    Primary Numbers Spreadsheet
    Dudeney’s Dissection / Triangle to a Square
    The Game of PIG
    Put & Take Probability Dice Game
    The Game of Senet
    Penrose Tiles
    SOMA Cubes
    The Diabolical Cube
    The Game of Nim
    1729 or 2357
    99 Trick
    1979 Trick
    Dividing by 7, 11 & 13 Trick
    Multiply by 10 & Subtract Multiple of 9
    Magic Table
    Calendar Trick
    Addition Table Trick
    Mathematical Black Hole
    Steinmeyer Nine-Card Trick
    Howard Adams Mated Cards Trick
    Tafl games (Hnefatafl, Tablut, etc.)
    Fox & Geese games

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