Electricity Activities

Electricity Activities

Making Batteries from Fruits & Veggies

Piezoelectric Generator

Aluminum Air Battery

Resistivity of a Pencil

Circuit Analysis

Solenoid w/ an Iron Core

Forces Between Current Carrying Wires

Short Circuit Activity

Above Activity in a Magnetic Field

Tiny Motor activity

Neon Tube Activity

Primary & Secondary Coils Activity

Solar Cell Buggy

Jacob’s Ladder

Argon Gas Spectrum Tube

Voltaic Cell

Show Magnetic Fields from Current in a Wire

Small Electrostatic Generator

Leyden Jar activity

Flying Hydra

Mini Van De Graaff

Creating Charges with Friction

Electroscope activity

Wimshurst Machine

Match Discharge

Faraday’s Ice Pail

Electrostatic Twirl

Induction Activity with a Ruler

Electrophorus Activity

Electric Wind

Ionic Drive

Franklin’s Bells / Electric Ping Pong

Electrostatic Slime

Simple Electrostatic Motor

Static Tetherball

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