Chemistry Activities

Chemistry Activities

Polymer Activity
Electrolysis w/ battery
Hoffman Voltameter activity
Exploding H2 Bubbles
Pancake Science
Needle Through a Balloon
Ziplock Chemistry
Potassium Permanganate & Glycerin
Elephant’s Toothpaste
Aladdin’s lamp
Vitamin C Clock
Boil Water at Room Temperature
Surface Tension of Water
Lewis Acid/Base Reaction
Buffering Capacity of Alka Seltzer
Acid Breath
Oil, Water, & Dish Soap
Burning Magnesium
Make Acetylene w/ Calcium Carbide
Catalytic Oxidation of Ammonia with Copper
Oxidation of Zinc by Hydrochloric Acid
Disappearing Styrofoam
Non-Burning Handkerchief
Ethanol Vapor Explosion
Laser Milk Brownian Motion
“Holey” Water
Magnesium in Hot & Cold Water
Thermite Reaction
Magnesium and Dry Ice
Potassium Chlorate & Sugar
Sulfuric Acid & Sugar
Sodium Acetate for Hot Ice
Supercool water
Set Ice on Fire
Make Concentrated Sulfuric Acid
Make a Polymer Ball
Borax Snowflakes
Coca Cola and Milk
Coca Cola and Pool Chlorine
Copper II Sulfur Pentahydrate Crystals
Pop a Balloon with an Orange
Make Limonene
Make a Blue Geode
Glowing Radioactive Green Slime
Fizzy Red Cabbage Juice Color Change
pH Testing Plants
Color Changing Chemistry
Sulfur Crystals
Plastic Sulfur
Genie in the Bottle
Aluminum & Chlorine Activity
Iron + Sulfur Activity
Dancing Charcoal
Calcium Acetate & Ethanol Flaming Gel
Supersaturated Sodium Thiosulfate crystals
Start a Green Fire with a Drop of H2O
Make Ammonium Nitrate
Hydrogen Peroxide and Manganese Oxide
Make Hydrogen from Chemicals
Manganese Oxide and Aluminum Thermite
Silicon Dioxide & Aluminum Thermite
Copper (II) Oxide & Aluminum Thermite
Titanium(IV) Oxide & Aluminum Thermite
Chromium (III) Oxide & Aluminum Thermite
Making Bismuth Crystals
Flame Test
Make O2 with Hydrogen Peroxide & Bleach
Colloids and the Tyndall Effect
Wood’s Metal/Low-Temp Metals Activity
Iron + Copper (II) Sulfate Activity
Copper (II) Oxide & Zinc Reaction
Make Black Powder
Iodine Clock Reaction
Sodium Thiosulfate & HCl
Copper Sulfate and Sulfuric Acid
Separating Iron from Fortified Cereal
Aluminum Foil & Sodium Hydroxide
Ammonium Nitrate & Water
Bubbling Magnesium
Colored Flames
Gold & Silver Pennies
Pick Up an Ice Cube
Relight a Candle
Hot Ice with Sodium Acetate
Water Flowing Uphill
Calcium Hypochlorite & Brake Fluid

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